Hop, Hop, Hopping Along

By Biscuit

March 17, 2014

Hop, Hop, Hopping Along

I'm hopping to the Shop Hop. Okay, not exactly hopping as those who know me well would attest. I don't exactly "hop" anymore but I'm thinking about it. The weather looks like it is going to cooperate this year and we have BOGO specials (buy one, get one for those like me who didn't know what that meant), door prizes, popcorn and more deals. Also the lotion station will be open to make and take your lotion. We have been busy, busy, busy with our new expansion and are actually still working on it but a preview is ready for the shop hop. There are so many new essential oils and such in that we had to talk the guys into building a new area for them and they did a great job as usual. The loose leaf teas were spilling out of their aisle also so a new "tea tree" was built out of crates and they are all organized in their little cozy cubbies now. Speaking of crates- if you haven't seen our new "crate" way of displaying as the gentleman who makes them says, you will be in for a surprise. I put in a request for spring to be around the corner, so we are taking orders for onion plants, potatoes and chicks plus most of the seeds are here. All of our seeds are non-GMO and many are organic, heirlooms so hop on in and say hi!

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