Biscuit's Spud School

Biscuit's Spud School

The seed potatoes are arriving daily! I thought I'd give you the 411 on the varieties we carry:

KATAHDIN - Still very popular here in the Northeast, this old standard has been around since 1932. Flat to round tubers with smooth buff skin and white flesh. High yielding & drought resistant; adaptable to many growing conditions. One of the best for any of your winter soups. Excellent storage. Numerous light purple flowers on large spreading plants.

KENNEBEC - Excellent all-purpose cooking potato favored for its crispy, flavorful flesh. Ideal for mashing or frying. This skin makes peeling a snap! Stores well. Resists late blight and tobacco mosaic virus.

NORLAND - Noted for extra-large size & stunning color.Small eyes & smooth, thin red skin make for easy peeling; very little waste. Perfect choice for grating into potato pancakes. Dependably productive & shows good resistance to scab.

RED PONTIAC - Matures mid season, but tubers develop early & can be dug small. Thin, bright red skin covers crisp, full-flavored white flesh that stays firm & holds its shape during cooking. This is a reliable storage potato.

RUSSET - The original baked potato, super yields & large size. Good fried, mashed or baked. Grows upright; resists mild mosaic virus.

YUKON GOLD - Outstanding fryer! Super yields in quantities similar to Russet Burbank. Gold flesh has a nutty flavor. Grows upright; resists mild mosaic virus. 

Wonder what makes a potato an A or a B? You'd think it has something to do with their smarts but in this case, size matters. A's are bigger but don't necessarily mean a bigger crop or a bigger potato. Generally A's are going to be cut into sizes that have a minimum of 3 eyes to produce a good crop. B's are generally able to be put in whole, saving time and risk of disease by cutting into the potato. Weight wise, you are going to get more B's than A's in a pound but with cutting the A's you may end up with the same amount of end crop either way. B's are going to cost a smidge more but I prefer them instead of cutting the A's. The spuds aren't easy to cut with paws with you know.

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