So what is with the big rock out front?

So what is with the big rock out front?

We get asked this question several times a week. We also hear "so, where did you get the old wrecking ball" or "why did you make a big round ball out of concrete". No, we don't think it was ever a wrecking ball (although we don't know for SURE, it may have done a lot of wrecking). We do know we didn't make them out of concrete- we aren't that artistic. We've always had a thing for rocks, which is really good as the glaciers seemed to have dumped a lot of them on our farm. These big rocks actually came from the Sandusky area though. There was an article in the Columbus Dispatch on September 13th which a customer brought in for us to see (thank you) which shows Shale Hollow Preserve in Delaware, Ohio, where a number of concretions have been discovered and visitors can go look at. That's what they call them, concretions (pronounced concrete with a shuns on the end). They are found throughout the world and even after reading the two page article and numerous sites on the internet, it basically comes down to many theories on the origin such as dinosaur egg, extraterrestial and giant bowling balls. Scientists, though, imagine there were fossils which rather worked like grains of sand making a pearl but not all have concretions have fossils at the center. Another theory is the core is minerals which attracted others and so on and so on as they grew. What it all boils down to though, is they are still a mystery. A really big, cool looking mystery that scientists can't fully explain so who says it can't be whatever you can imagine?

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