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June/July 2018 Biscuit's Blab Newsletter

June July 2018 Planktown Hardware Newsletter
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Case Knives - A History of an American Icon

Every day, a small piece of America’s heritage is carried around in the pockets of a nation. A small but solid reminder that anything worth doing is worth doing right. Case knives are built by people with integrity for people of integrity. That
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Biscuit's Spud School

The seed potatoes are arriving daily! I thought I'd give you the 411 on the varieties we carry
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Shop Hoppin' March 20th - 24th, 2018

Spring is ALMOST here and Biscuit has found her new pair of sloggers to celebrate. She can wear them for her week of Shop Hoppin' if it gets muddy out and still look so stylish. Sloggers are a USA company and their slogan is "Made in the USA... alway
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Small Business Saturday

Stanley may not actually get out of his chair in front of the heater but he is eagerly awaiting everyone for small business Saturday tomorrow. He told us to heat up the popcorn machine and put the specials out. All natural white melt and pour 2lb tra
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Getting Ready for the Shop Hop

If you have been in the store within the past month, then please pardon our mess. We have been doing a lot of spring cleaning, new shelving, rearranging and organizing as
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Light Up Your Holidays Sale

Things are getting a little snug around here, I mean Stanley and I have a hard time finding a good spot to stretch out to take a nap (not that I sleep on the job much or
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So what is with the big rock out front?

We get asked this question several times a week. We'd also hear "so, where did you get the old wrecking ball" or "why did you make a big round ball out of concrete". No,
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Spring Arrives with the Shop Hop

Well the luck of the Irish is with us it seems as the Spring weather is cooperating this year for the start of the 6th Annual Spring Shop Hop. Yea, it's a little chiller
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Christmas Eve Service in the Barn at 11pm

Christmas Eve in the Barn, Sound cold? I won't lie, I was happy for my fur coat last year as it was a bit nippy but the message and the company were warming. This year th
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Annual Holiday Pet Supply Sale Dec 16th-20th

I love parties and especially when there are even more toys and treats around for me! The Annual Holiday Pet Supply Sale is coming up Dec 16th - 20th and I will be on dut
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March on over to see us on Aug 15 & 16

March on over to see us on Aug 15 & 16 for a peek back in time at the military of yesteryear. There will be vehicles to see and some to ride as well as vendors set up
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Hop, Hop, Hopping Along

I'm hopping to the Shop Hop. Okay, not exactly hopping as those who know me well would attest. I don't exactly "hop" anymore but I'm thinking about it. The weather looks
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My Valentine's Birthday Bash

Another year older, another year wiser, is what I hear. What I say is how about another year older, another year crazier and more fun. A lot of people complain about havi
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National Shout Out For Solar Day

Even though the weather is in the single digits, we are still running totally on solar here at Planktown Hardware and More. What a perfect way to celebrate National Sho
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Tuckered, Tired and Dragging

We are tuckered out from trying to get everything ready for the loose leaf tea tasting tomorrow but I did want to take time to clarify the setup. We have gotten a couple
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The Man in Brown is My Best Friend!

Did you know my best friend is the man in brown? He is always bringing presents for us in the store. This week he brought our latest shipment of Swan Creek Drizzle Melts,
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5th Annual Shiloh Summer Rally & Military Vehicle Show

What am I doing this weekend? I am checking out all the cool military vehicles, that's what I'll be doing. Not only are there going to be big trucks, jeeps and maybe even
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Biscuit's Fair Day

You won't need to break open your piggy bank to feed the family if you come to Biscuit's Fair Day, June 15th. Just like in olden days, hot dogs, pop, chips, snow cones an
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Heirloom Seeds and Chicks!

We have heirloom and USDA Organic garden seeds!
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Spring Dreaming...and We Now Do Pressure Canner Safety Checks!

Do you have the winter blahs yet? Read my latest blog entry to see how you can beat them!
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Kettles, crocks, griddles & pie irons = good food

Yippee, what pooch doesn't like good food. We just got in a load of large cast iron kettles big enough for Paul Bunyan soups and some smaller ones for a good family gathe
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We've expanded...again!

There have been a lot of changes if you haven't been here in a while. We have a new addition again which is where we hold our classes in plus have our specials.
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