The Man in Brown is My Best Friend!

Hey friends! Did you know my best friend is the man in brown? He is always bringing presents for us in the store. This week he brought our latest shipment of Swan Creek Drizzle Melts, the delectable smelling wax tarts that make your home smell amazing. Last week he brought us more USA made Sloggers Garden Shoes in gorgeous new colors. He also brought an assortment of new glass bottles and jars, including elegant cobalt blue glass spray bottles. And every week, he faithfully brings Tractor House Magazines that boys young and old drool over. Oh and other reason I love the man in brown? Every day he dresses just like brown from head to toe. I think he secretly wants to be me.

I also have to give a shot out to the man in purple and black because he brings us good stuff, too, like the Ball canning jars he brought this week. Yes, my friends, that means we are completely restocked on all sizes of canning jars, including more wide mouth half-gallon jars, for all your canning needs.

By the way, did you know we can ship items to your house? Some items are available online, but if you don't see it on our site, call us at 419.896.3581 and we will happily ship to your doorstep. Then you, too, will be best friends with the man in brown (or the man in purple and black).

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