Spring Dreaming...and We Now Do Pressure Canner Safety Checks!

Spring Dreaming...and We Now Do Pressure Canner Safety Checks!

Sorry about my long blog title...I just have so much I want to say!

First of all...do you have the winter blahs yet? I sure do. Don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic that the days are getting longer now and the sun seems to be shining brighter (when it's not hiding behind the clouds). But...it's still winter and my little paws are dreaming of warm grass to run on, not icy cold ground. Ever feel that way? Well, a good way to beat these winter blahs is to start dreaming and planning your vegetable and flower gardens for Summer! Spring is just around the corner and our garden seeds and potting soils arrived a couple weeks ago. We also have more Sloggers sun hats, garden shoes, and rain boots in stock and some cute new garden tools and gloves just for the ladies (I wish they made them for paws).

So this leads me to my next topic...while you are planning your gardens, why not have your pressure canner safety tested? We..okay my mom Angie...recently received her certification to test pressure canner gauges and sealing gaskets. Cost for gauge testing is $5, and gauge and gasket testing is $10. Dates for canner safety checks coming soon, so check back. And just in case you need a new gauge or gasket or both, we also carry those as well as all kinds of odd little parts I never knew existed, and if we don't have it in stock, we can probably order it. Scared about using a pressure canner, or even canning in general? We will hopefully be offering canning classes this summer! More info coming, so check back.

And while you're digging around in your cupboards, we also have replacement parts for Roma and Victorio tomato strainers. Most of the time I forget that I needed to fix something until the next time I try to use it, so don't be like me! Stop in now for a new gasket, stomper, hopper, or whatever it is you need to make sure your strainer is ready to handle the bushels and bushes of tomatoes you will harvest from your garden this summer...you may even want to try the electric motor attachment so you don't have crank your strainer by hand again! We also have different strainer attachments to do more than just tomatoes.

Well that's about all I had to share for now....until the next time, dream of Spring...and Summer...and fresh, juicy tomatoes still warm from the sun...and flowers...and picnics...and ice cream cones...and...oh okay, okay I'll stop now!

Love always,


P.S. Today is my 10th birthday! So if you have nothing to do today, stop in to see me and wish me "happy birthday" and I'll give you a free mini moon pie, plus we have some special "birthday bargains" in store for you!

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