Unker's Natu-Rub Multi-Purpose Medicated Spray

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Unker's Natu-Rub Multi-Purpose Medicated Spray 1 oz


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This formula is concentrated with essential oils only (greaseless) and is ideal for muscle pain and discomfort. One or two sprays is generally enough to supply rapid results to the sore area. It isn’t necessary to massage into the skin, because absorption begins upon contact. Avoid spraying this product around the eyes or sensitive areas. The medicated spray works well on leg cramps and the pain and burning of shingles, as well as helps in the healing process after surgery. 

All Natural 100% eucalyptus oil, oil or pine needles, menthol crystals, oil of camphor and oil of wintergreen. We never use turpentine, sulfates or synthetics or animal testing.

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