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Advanced Aromatherapy 110V, Black, Made in the USA


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Personal Aromatherapy Diffusers, Household Diffusers, Car Diffusers, Nebulizers, Ultrasonic Oil Diffusers

Advanced Aromatherapy: (aka Aroma Ace) "quick change" oil system; timing and power controls

AromaMister: Continuous diffusion up to 4hrs.  3 rotating LED lights or stop on one color; Up to 400 sq. ft. coverage

Aroma Sidekick: Includes 1 diffuser, 2 AA batteries, 3 reusable pads, wall adapter, car adapter, USB cord, essential oil

AquaMist: Diffusion up to 5 hrs.  On/2H/1H Time control.  Up to 400 sq. ft. coverage

Breeze Diffuser: Includes Atomizer with bottle and stand, air pump, and tubing.  "Quick change" oil system; Air pump has volume control

Crystal USB Diffuser: Includes car adapter, wall adapter, wick top, cleaning dropper, peppermint and lavender oils.

Mio: Compact design, fan driven; Includes 5 refill pads and a AAA battery.

Scentball: Includes 5 refill pads

ScentPod: Compact and portable.  Operates on your choice of either 2 AA batteries, USB adapter or an AC adapter (not included).  Includes 2 additional scent pad refills.

SpaGlow: LED lights change 3 luminous colors at a touch; Turns on and off at a touch of a hand; 4hr run time; Up to 400sq. ft

SpaScenter: Uses reusable aroma pad; Different fan speeds

SpaVapor+: Up to 5hrs. diffusion.  Up to 250 sq. ft. coverage.  6 Changing LED lights can be turned off.

SpaVapor2.0: 1,2,3hr. settings; Intermittent/Continuous Modes; Up to 8hrs. diffusion.  Up to 400 sq. ft. coverage.  4 Changing Led lights can be turned off.

Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Nebulizer: Can be used as a nebulizer, humidifier or air purifier.  Timer and power settings

USB Aroma Diffuser:Intermittent or continuous settings; Includes diffuser, three replacement oil diffuser cartridges and usb cable.

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