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Unker's Sanitizing Mist 2 oz

Rather than masking unwanted smells by using toxic commercial products, Unkers Sanitizing Mist is a 100% natural alternative that can cleanse and purify the air. Because of the potency of this product, two to three sprays per room is all that is required to provide a natural defense barrier against Read More...

Unker's Medicated Salve

Our multi-purpose Unkers therapeutic salve is meant for every day use and provides relief from deep muscle aches and pains, eczema, psoriasis, cuts and bruises, bee and bug bites, minor sports injuries, all types of burns, sinus congestion and headaches, colds and sore throats, hemorrhoids, arthriti Read More...

Unker's Natu-Rub Multi-Purpose Medicated Spray

Unkers Natu-Rub Multi-Purpose Medicated Spray formula is concentrated with essential oils only (greaseless) and is ideal for muscle pain and discomfort. One or two sprays is generally enough to supply rapid results to the sore area. It isn’t necessary to massage into the skin, because absorpti Read More...

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