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Camo Gorilla Tape 12 yd.


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Incredibly strong and 100% tough definitely fits this brand of adhesives.  Try our many options!

Gorilla Glue (Original & White): Expands 3x into the materials.  For indoor & outdoor use.  100% Water Proof.  Bonds to wood, stone, metal, ceramic, foam, glass & more!  White variety dries white and 2x faster than the original.                       2, 4, and 8 fl. oz. AND 4 tube mini pk. totaling .42oz. net. wt. 

Gorilla Wood Glue: Dries natural color with no foaming.  Type II for indoor/outdoor use.  4, 8 and 18 fl. oz.

Precision Glue Pen: Our White Gorilla Glue in a precision applicator for small jobs or tight fits.  .75 oz. net wt.

Super Glue - All varieties bond: Plastic, Wood, Metal, Ceramic, Rubber, Leather, Paper and More!                                   Net wt. 15g. or double pk. total net wt. 6g.

Epoxy: Sets in 5 min., dries clear, 3300psi bond strength, indoor/outdoor water resistant, and structural gap filler.        Bonds - metal, wood, ceramic, glass, most plastic and more.  Pkg. includes resealable cap, stir stick & mixing tray.     .85 fl. oz.

Gorilla Tape: 1.88" x 12 yd. and  1.88" x 35 yd.

Gorilla Tape To-Go: 1" x 30 ft.

Camo Gorilla Tape: 1.88" x 9yd. and 1.88" x 12 yd.

White Gorilla Tape: 1.88" x 30 yd.

Tough & Wide Black Gorilla Tape: 2.88" x 30 yd.

Tough & Wide Shipping Tape: 2.83" x 35 yd.  (or 2.83" x 30 yd. in a two pack)

Clear Repair Gorilla Tape: Used to fix, patch, seal, hold & protect.  Even on wet surfaces!  1.88" x 27 ft.

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