Scotch 3M Blue Painters Tape

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Delicate, 1.5in


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Scotch 3M Blue Painter's Tape is a great tape for sharp paint lines and clean removal. 

  • Original: Ideal for painted walls and trim.  Woodwork/Glass/Metal.  14 Day Clean Removal.
  • Delicate Surface: Ideal for freshly painted surfaces 24 hours old.  Walls/Trim/Hardwood Floors/Glass  60 Day Clean Removal
  • Multi-Surface with Edge-Lock Paint Protector: Super Sharp Paint Lines for Baseboards/Trim/Metal/Glass.  14 Day Clean Removal
  • Exterior: Metal/Painted Wood/Vinyl/Glass Surfaces; Weather Resistant Sun/Wind/Humidity/Rain; 7 Day Clean Removal
  • Original: 1in or 1.5in or 1.88in wide x 60yds
  • Delicate Surface: 1in or 1.5in or 2in wide x 60yds
  • Multi-Surface: .94in or 1.41in or 2in wide x 60yds
  • Exterior: 1.41in x 45yds or 1.88in x 45yds

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