Camping and Emergency

Emergency Supplies

Emergency supplies for simple camping trips to natural disasters. Berkey water purifiers, Gamma containers and lids, lanterns, and Polartec are just a few of the items we carry.


We at Planktown Hardware and More believe in camping done right. You will find many great camping items in store. Don't forget to look for more camping cooking supplies under "Lodge Cast Iron" under the "For the Home" tab to the left.

Stanley Thermos

This stand by brand has been around since 1913. Famous for keeping your beverages and food at the perfect temperature inside no matter the temperature on the outside. We carry parts, multiple sized vacuum bottles and food jars and even coolers!

Wise Foods

Wise Foods offers a variety of premium emergency and outdoor foods that are both affordable and convenient. They have up to a 25 year shelf life.


Looking for a great product to help keep you warm or help you see in the dark? Try some of our Zippo products!

Zippo Lighters

More Zippo items located under "Camping & Emergency Supplies".