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Advanced Strength, Heavy-Duty Projects


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Duck Tape manufactures tape for all your project needs.  Color and print Duck Tape and Sheets are found under the 'Crafts' section.        Made In USA

  • All Purpose Strength for Everyday Household Profects:1.88in. x 60yd
  • Advanced Strength for Heavy Duty Projects: 1.88in. x 60yd
  • Max Strength for Super Strong/Tough Projects: 1.88in. x 45yd
  • Outdoor - UV Resistant and Waterproof: 1.88in. x 30yd
  • Clean Release Painters Tape: 1.41in x 60yd
  • Permanent Mounting Tape: 3/4in x 15ft
  • Reflective Tape: 1.5in x 30in
  • All Purpose Strength - Conforms to uneven surfaces. Better durability than Utility Grade Duck Tape®.
  • Advanced Strength - Improved durability for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Max Strength - This all-weather tape provides maximum flexibility, strength and adhesion.
  • Clean Release - 14 day removal. Medium adhesion. Recommended for multiple surfaces including painted walls, trim, glass, wood, metal and more.
  • Permanent Mounting Tape - Double-sided permanent adhesive. Ideal for crafts, name plates and signs. Holds up to 2lbs. Not recommended for use on wallpaper, unfinished wood, drywall, plaster, stucco or surfaces that peel.

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